Ganjan Venkateshwara – Studio’s unique and exquisite rendition of Lord Venkateshwara


Lord Venkateshwara's benevolence and grandeur is world renowned. Inspired by Him, we have created our offering called Ganjan Venkateshwara. Donning His artwork in our home or place of worship is known to bring this spiritual energy to us and our loved ones. Be a proud owner of this artwork! It is also a perfect gift for our friends and family.

सशङ्खचक्रं सकिरीटकुण्डलं सपीतवस्त्रं सरसीरुहेक्षणम् |

सहारवक्षस्स्थलशोभिकौस्तुभं नमामि विष्णुं शिरसा चतुर्भुजम् ||

Pronounce as:

Sa shankha chakram sa kirita kundalam sa pita vastram sarasi ruhekshnam |

Sa haar vakshathala shobhi kaustubham namami Vishnum shirsa chatur bhujam ||


The One who is holding the conch and discus,

The One who is adorned with crown and ear rings;

Whose beautiful form is decorated with yellow garments

And the One who is bestowing Grace with His lotus like eyes.

The One whose chest is adorned with a garland with gems;

I adore and pray to the four armed form of Lord Vishnu

Lord Venkateshwara's benevolence and grandeur is world renowned. Inspired by Him, we have created our offering called Ganjan Venkateshwara. Donning His painting in our home or place of worship is known to bring this spiritual energy to us and our loved ones.

The journey of creating this artwork started with our visit to Tirupathi temple. We studied the original idol to the minutest details with a deep meditative state. We then created an exquisite one of a kind master piece by pouring all of the acquired knowledge and energy. Our intent is to share this divine experience with everyone. With this purpose, Studio Ganjan has successfully produced copies with "best in class" quality using new age technologies.

Be a proud owner of this artwork now! It is a perfect gift for your friends and family. Let us bring Lord Venkateshwara's blessings into our homes and place of worship.

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Our work covers a wide range of subjects rendered with Ganjan style. Our style brings minutest details to life with shapes inspired by scriptures and colors which are rich and vibrant. Here is a collage of our work

THE Studio

Since 30 years we have been delivering joy and delight to our customers worldwide with our exquisite artworks. We will be happy to receive you and show our work to you – both originals and high-tech copies


Since 30 years, Studio Ganjan has been creating exquisite Tanjavore paintings. We work diligently with devotion to create each artwork to perfection. Our vision is to spread this traditional art form to every home. With this intent, we have successfully created a perfect blend of tradition and new age printing technology. The attention to details we have poured is visible in every stroke and pigments of the artwork! We invite you to drop in and check our wide range of work done by us – both in form of originals and high-tech copies


Meet our world renowned artists at Studio Ganjan. Their passion and dedication to globally promote Tanjavore art is very infectious. Its an extraordinary experience to meet them in person and interact about their work

Artist Somalatha


Somalatha, who got trained from the Regional Design and Technical Institute, finds that her work is more than just art. Through her keen insight and observation she has brought about a revolution in traditional forms of art. She has set a tradition of immense value to others who aspire to become artists. She feels that it is necessary for one to understand the ‘symbology’ of her work and view them from the proper standpoint in order to appreciate the art embodied in her work. The depth in them brings a oneness between the viewer and her creations. For Somalatha art seems to be vital for human progress, which evokes deep human emotions.

Artist Gangadhar


V. Gangadhar, who hails from Bangarpet Taluk sees work as a meditation. He has over twenty five years of working experience and every piece of his creation has been done with a sincere feeling of reverence. His creative instincts and eye for details have been his valued assets that he nurtures with great care. Working with dedication and perseverance, Gangadhar finds his work transcendental that takes him beyond limitations of space.

Artist Janardhanan


B. Janardhanan, who has had fifteen rich years of experience in the field of traditional art is deeply interested in his work. Being patient and hardworking he is able to effectively bring out the difference between mere imitation and purposeful creative expression. One gets a glimpse of the harmony and orderliness of God’s creation in his piece of art that makes all the difference. Almost every aspect of divinity is revealed through his work, which gives a unique permanence to ephemeral objects that can be enjoyed any time.


Our Patrons have been great support and encouragement for last 3 decades. Here is what few of them have to say

Met Gangadhar sir in 2000 in Chitra Kala parishat where he had exhibited his work ! I call that day a Blessed day as I got to see his amazing and extraordinarily brilliant master pieces. He reminded me of artist Shilpi . The symmetry and finesse of work is so beautiful that one is spell bound. Intricacy of work ,neatness..the fluidity of strokes , soothing colors and perfection. He sculpts every stroke with perfection

- Smt. Meena Ganesha

Each painting is a deep prayer in itself. It invokes the divinity in you.The master craftsmanship speaks volumes of the sadhana or penance to achieve perfection. The attention to the smallest details comes from the mental prework. The range and variety is a mark of versatility. The pride of possessing these works of art is immense and can be handed down as heirlooms.

- Smt. Lakshmi Mahesh

Immensely talented artists Sri Gangadhar Raju and Sri B. Janardhanan have bloomed under the primary tutelage of Smt. Somalatha, a sculptor par excellence and Tanjore Painting Expert. These two artists as a team can undoubtedly be termed as one of the best in the present decade.

- Mr. Ananth Murthy

When deities are captured on canvass, their divinity is felt only if the artist is pure and sublime, in both, his devotion and his skills. Both these qualities exude in Gangadhar and Janardhanan, the credit for which goes to their guide and guru, Smt. Somalatha. Testimony of this is the Tanjore painting of Lord Venkateshwara they made for my Pooja Room.

- Mr. E G Jaideep.


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